When you are having a baby, you will need sanitary tee’s and wicks for breastfeeding. These items can often be found at your local baby or health store. However, purchasing them from an online source can offer you a variety of different products at greatly reduced prices. There are a few factors that you should consider when choosing your sanitary protection.

sanitary tee vs wye

The first factor to consider is the level of sanitary protection required by the room you will be using for feeding. ‘Sans’ wye’ means a room that lacks any form of sanitary protection. The word ‘sanitary’ indicates the conditions that a room needs to meet in order to be considered ‘sanitary’, hence the product being classified as a sanitary product.

A room that isn’t sanitary will often result in the development of various forms of microorganisms including bacteria and possibly viruses, which can then cause unpleasant symptoms to a person who is already ill. You need to find a source of sanitary protection that doesn’t compromise your safety when you are breastfeeding.

difference between sanitary tee and wye

Wye’s are another important factor when choosing between a sanitary protection and wye’s. A wye is a pouch that you place over the nipple after the baby has been bottle fed. They are meant to reduce the risk of the baby absorbing formula. In general, they are placed on the outside of the nipple, although you can also get sanitary wyes that are shaped like a heart or tube.

The advantages of the wye are clear; you have full control whether the wye is placed above or below the nipple. On the other hand, the positioning of the eye may have some disadvantages too. Because it is an open pouch, air can circulate better around the nipple and baby. However, this can cause uncomfortable smells to develop. You may also find that your baby may become agitated when this happens.

when to use a wye or sanitary tee

There are advantages and disadvantages for both wyes too. Some parents prefer the feel of the pouch on the nipple and may find that it is easier to make a choice when everything is clear. However, others are less concerned with the comfort of the eye and more concerned with being able to see exactly what is going on. Wye’s can often be placed over the sink, counter, or any place that you feel comfortable laying it down.

This makes it difficult if you have limited floor space and may limit your choices to the sink, counter, or any other small area where you may have enough room. Another aspect to consider is that your baby can pick up on the sanitary protection around the nipple. If they were to use a bottle, they may be learning about good hygiene as well.

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While there is no way to completely stop them from doing this, using sanitary protection will help prevent them from touching anything they shouldn’t. This can be a fun learning experience for your child. You should know that there are some other types of sanitary guards that are available. There are even some reusable sanitary napkins that you can purchase.

They are made from all natural materials so they aren’t harmful to anyone. You may not want to get the reusable types though. It may be important to get one of each type so you can lay down the appropriate amount of protection depending on how your baby plays and where they may be located. You should compare sanitary tee and wye products thoroughly before making a decision on what is best for your child.

wye plumbing

Remember that they are both important parts of clean diapers. Wye’s are more flexible than a typical sanitary diaper. You should think about which one would be best for your child if you are planning on having many children over the years.