You’ve Heard Both Wood Putty And Wood Filler Used In The Past, But What Is The Difference? Putty Is An Adhesive Or Bonding Agent For Concrete.

Wood Putty is A Product That You Use To Fill In Tiny Cracks And Small Gaps Around Sinks, Toilets, Faucets, And Cabinets. Wood Filler, On The Other Hand, Is A Liquid Product That Can Be Used As A Binding Agent, Although It’s Often Used As A Finishing Agent Instead Of A Filling Agent. Both Products Are Extremely Useful For Repairing Small Problems, But Which One Is The Right One?

wood putty vs wood filler

There Are A Lot Of Advantages To Using Wood Putty Or Plastic Wood Filler In Home Repair Projects. Plastic Wood Putty Will Not Bond With Any Other Material; It Cannot Be Sanded, Stained, Or Painted. If You Need To Repair Small Gaps And Cracks, You Should Use Plastic Wood Putty, As It Will Bond Very Well. Wood Putty, On The Other Hand, Should Be Avoided If You Want To Repair Large Gaps And Cracks Because It Won’t Fill Them, And The Material It Is Composed Of Will Not Bond Well With Anything Else.

The Reason You Want To Use Wood Filler In Home Repairs Is That It Is Able To Fill In Large Cracks And Gaps, As Well As Being Flexible And Pliable Enough To Work Around Them. It Is Very Hard To Repair Large Cracks And Gaps By Using Regular Wood Putty. Using Wood Putty, You Can Make Your Furniture Last Longer, Because It Is Less Likely To Crack And Split. The Same Goes For Small Cracks And Gaps In Your Bathroom Shower Or Sink, Or Your Bedroom Closet.

difference between wood putty and wood filler

Plastic Wood Putty Is Often Used Interchangeably With Plastic Wood Filler, Because Both Products Are Primarily Composed Of Two-part Epoxy Resin And Oil Or Acrylic Glue. They Are Often Used Together In Conjunction With A Primer That Is Specially Designed For The Item Being Repaired, Which Will Help The Item Get Ready To Be Painted. The Primer Is What Gives The Item A Clean, Smooth Surface. Wood Fibers Are Usually Used As A Binder In Three-part Epoxy Blends.

When Choosing Between Wood Putty Or Plastic Fillers, You Also Need To Consider The Differences In The Thickness Of The Plastic, And The Hardness Of The Wood Fibers That Are Used. Both Materials Have The Ability To Fill In Moderate To Deep Holes And Cracks, But It Is The Plastic That Has The More Flexible Qualities. Wood Fillers Are Often Used Where The Repair Will Require The Most Flexibility, Such As In A Stair Lift Kit That Must Remain In One Place Once Installed, Or The Hinges In A Cabinet Or Dresser.

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When You Compare Wood Putty Or Filler, You Will See That The Cost Can Add Up Quickly When Using Both. Plastic Is Less Expensive Initially, But It Will Have To Be Replaced, While Wood Fillers Will Not Need Any Replacement Unless They Become Cracked Or Damaged. For This Reason, If You Choose A Product With The Flexibility To Be Sanded And Refilled, It Will Be Less Expensive To Use Over Time.

When You Comparison Shop Between Wood Putty Or Filler, You Will Find That The Price Differences Between Them Are Minimal. It Is The Craftsmanship That Can Be Discerned Between The Two Products That Will Make The Difference In Your Final Choice. 

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Using Wood Putty For Repairing Small Holes In Wood Can Be A Good Option If You Cannot Afford To Replace The Entire Piece, Or If You Are Unsure About The Size You Need. Wood Fillers Are Often Used When The Hole Needs To Be Large Enough To Accommodate The Size Of The Item Being Repaired. These Products Are Inexpensive When Compared To Wood Putty, But They Are More Likely To Chip Or Become Damaged Than Wood Putty.

One Last Way To Decide Which Is Best For Small To Medium Sized Holes Is To Look At The Wide Selection Of Products Made From Wood. There Are Many Choices Of Wood Putty Available, But Solvent Based Puttys Are A Good Choice To Use For Larger Holes, As These Products Are Thick And Have The Ability To Penetrate Deeper Than Solvent-based Products. Water-based Putty Are Best For Smaller To Medium Sized Holes, While Solvent-based Putties Are Best For Larger Holes. Once You Start Putting Wood Putty In Different Situations, You Will Quickly Understand Which Is Best For What You Are Repairing.