Types of Wall Protection – What’s Right for Your Space?

With a number of wall protection in the market, selecting the right kind for your space may be daunting. For many years people have used wall protection in Healthy environments to prevent scratches, dents, and gorgeous walls that not only compromise the interior beauty but also the structure.

Some might think that these products offer a restricted design – the options available in the market nowadays increase the aesthetic value and also provide protection. If you want to know more about wall protection get more here about in depth knowledge on wall protection. 

types of walls protection

 Below are mentioned Different Types of Wall Protection –

Plastic Handrails –

These are popular due to their durability and maintenance-free designs. They are designed to protect from the UV rays of the sun. A plastic handrail does not crack or splinter with time. They are comfortable, smooth, and available in different designs and colors.

Not only are they installed but you may put them around tight corners. They are polished and cleaned with many outdoor and indoor applications. They are rust and corrosion-free. They have adjustable fittings. You may reuse or remove them.

 Stainless Steel Handrails –

They have a modern look, which makes them best for wall protection. You may use stainless steel handrails for the exterior or interior balcony or build a deck.

They are good for different types of staircases also. They are rust and corrosion-resistant. They are cost-effective. They last longer and do not require a lot of maintenance. They offer aesthetic appeal.

wood corner guards for walls

 Wood Handrails –

These are available in different colors and designs. The type of wood and color depends on the interior of your home. They add a classy touch to the home. They are durable and sturdy.

They prevent accidents and allow people to maintain balance during sudden falls or slips.

Enviro GT Sheets –

They protect different vertical surfaces like walls and corners. They ensure reliable protection of the wall. Not only are they durable but long-lasting and easy to maintain. Commercial building interiors are often likely to damage.

wall protection sheet


If you want to protect the walls from wear and tear, these sheets are your go product. They come with additional accessories like divider bars and top caps. They are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Tape on Corner Guards –

They are an excellent solution to protect the wall corners and increase aesthetic appeal. They easily blend into the wall and offer much-required corner protection. They are cost-effective.

They provide minimum design interruptions and maximum protection. A wide range of styles and colors are available. Suitable for many applications and are easy to install.

 Plastic end Wall Guards –

These are aesthetically appealing solutions for both protection and safety. They protect the interior spaces from damage. They offer much-needed protection in elevator lobbies, crowded areas, and hallways.


A variety of plastic End Wall Guards are available in the market. Plastic is a durable material and some designs mixed with glass enables wallpaper and decors to be visible.

wall bumpers guards


Discovering the different types of wall protection and the benefits associated with them and also understanding the products provide insight and direction in planning a well-designed facility. It is important to understand which products are available and where to use them the best. A good supplier will help you conduct a thorough analysis to determine what and where you need protection.

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