There are several different types of skateboard decks out there for you to choose from. These options are used for various types of skating activities. There are several different sizes, shapes and materials that are used for making these decks. You should take a look at the type of skating that you plan on doing so that you will be able to determine which type of deck that you want to get.

types of skateboard decks

The most common type of decks are ones that are shaped in the same way as a hockey rink. These decks are called nose and tail decks. There are a concave shape to the top of the nose and a concave shape to the tail of the deck. This is done to help with support and stability. It is also used to prevent your skateboard from tipping over in strong winds.

Types of Skateboard Decks – Which one is Better?

Long Time Nose and Tail Skateboards

A long time skater’s favorite is the long time nose and tail skateboards. These decks are also known as concave. The concave design helps prevent your foot from slipping out of position while you are skating and helps keep your center of gravity low. It is a popular choice among long time skaters and is usually quite comfortable to skate on.

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A new design that has been getting some great reviews lately is the quarter wave skateboard. This deck has a concave shape to its nose and a flat section to its tail. This deck is a good choice for beginners who are still working on their stance and are trying to learn how to control their skateboards. This skateboard deck will be a little more expensive than other designs but for a beginner who is just learning the basics it may be a good option.

Freestyle Skateboard Deck

You can also buy a freestyle skateboard deck and build your own. This is a very popular option for many skaters who want to customize their boards. Building your own board gives you the opportunity to make minor changes or upgrades to the deck to fit your style. Some of the most popular options for people who want to build their own deck are Kustom, half pipe and half moon decks.

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Lightweight Skateboard Deck

Many experts believe that there is a new lightweight construction available that will be perfect for younger and smaller skaters. Called featherlight construction, these new materials use lighter materials for the base and the decking layers. Featherlight construction helps reduce weight so the boards are easier to handle and move. Since the boards are lighter, less drag is created which helps the skater maintain better control. Although featherlight construction will not allow you to go faster, most experts agree that it will be perfect for beginners and intermediate skaters.

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Some experts believe that the future of skateboarding will involve a combination of new technologies such as the kiteboarding and featherlight construction. Kiteboarding is becoming more popular and is similar to surfing where multiple boards are used to surf across a field. Skateboarders use their feet to propel them across the surface of the water. Similar to surfing, the action is powered by the foot. Many experts believe that new technologies will combine kiteboarding with new types of skate decks designed for smaller skaters.

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The pros are quick to point out several disadvantages to the new construction methods. Most skaters agree that it is important to choose the right type of skateboard deck for you. The elements such as weight, durability and stability play an important role in determining what type of deck is best for you. If you are concerned about any of these aspects, it is a good idea to talk to a professional skate decker to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of each construction method.