In order to understand outer worlds damage types, you have to first know what outer worlds damage types are. There is actually a total of five different Outer Worlds damage types; here we go: Physical damage, mental damage, spiritual damage, environmental damage and karma damage. When you get these five you have officially entered the dark world, the unknown. This is because when you take any of these damage types your journey will become even more difficult.

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The physical damage type is the one you are probably familiar with, it’s the one that hits you when you get hit by one of those deadly outer worlds damage types. The physical damage includes bruises, and the more severe your bruises the higher your chance of dying. While the physical damage can’t really kill you, it can bring you near death until you have healed. That’s why healers are rare on outer worlds, and generally if you do happen to come across a healer they aren’t worth much money or are very powerful.

The second damage type, we will talk about is environmental damage. This one is often associated with spiritual damage and karma damage. While the spiritual and karma damage types are what usually kills people in outer worlds, the environmental damage type is what will kill you in real life. The environmental damage types include corroding, freezing, explosion, radiation, and fire. As you might guess from the name this damage type causes permanent tissue damage and in the worst cases can even kill.

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Now, let’s talk about our first outer worlds damage types. The first one is corrosion damage. Corrosion damage comes from the harsh environment around you. For example, metal is the most common metal found on outer worlds, which means that everything you find out there is going to be corroding at some point no matter where you go. You could live your whole life and never see any signs of corrosion damage on anything, but chances are you will. This is why it is important to protect yourself by wearing safety gear when you are near the metal objects that will most likely corrode.

The second outer worlds damage types we are going to discuss are physical damage. Physical damage comes from the constant shock and trauma you experience as a result of your body being overworked. If you have ever been in a car accident that was the fault of the other driver, you are probably familiar with the constant impact. Usually this impact is enough to send anybody running a mile or two slower, but if you don’t have the protection of good armour charging towards the scene with all the right tools and equipment you might find yourself with a big bruise or worse.

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This is just one example of the types of shock damage you might suffer, but the list goes on. If you take the time to protect yourself with proper armour and some good protective devices, you are less likely to ever sustain any damage type. If you aren’t careful, you could easily wind up spending years treating your body to different forms of automechanicals, getting shot with a shotgun, or suffering a broken leg as a result of a poorly placed piece of safety equipment.

The last of the outer worlds damage types we are going to cover here is damage to the mind. You might not be able to die from shock damage, but you can certainly find yourself in a world where you can spend your entire life recuperating from mental trauma. This can include everything from schizophrenia to post traumatic stress disorder, and it usually comes in the form of long term effects that you won’t feel until you are a senior citizen.

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For instance, those who suffer from PTSD may find themselves unable to leave the house, and they may not know how to do simple things like drive. As horrible as all of this sounds, it is often something that people accept without question because they have lived their entire lives inside of walls.

So these three outer worlds damage types are rare, and none of them will kill you instantly. However, each of them could cause you to live your entire lifetime recuperating from the effects. That said, if you are ever unfortunate enough to deal with one of them, your insurance should cover some of the expenses.

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But remember, it isn’t just the expense for the treatment itself that you should worry about. It’s also the lifelong treatment, you will be giving yourself to avoid any future problems from your past. Take care of yourself now, before it is too late.