should you build a fence on the property line

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If he wants to build a fence, he can build it without anyone's permission, Some local ordinances allow you to build a fence at the property line, though no part 【Get Price】

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Oct 23, 2018 Learn how building a fence brings on legal obligations such as notifying If you want to build a fence on the property line, are you required by law or any . Right-Of-Entry or Not: Can a Surveyor Legally Enter Your Property?【Get Price】

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From there you can have an attorney write a demand letter to remove the fence .. that way over on my line when I get a survey can I make her move that fence.【Get Price】

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Dec 12, 2012 It only becomes a boundary line fence when both property owners use no one should put a boundary line fence in without the permission of 【Get Price】

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If you practice fence etiquette and bone up on local zoning regs, you can avoid neighbor you can install a new fence AND stay on good terms with the folks next door. to tear down that fence by going even one inch over your property line.【Get Price】

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A new fence can add privacy to your yard, increase property value and provide You want to make them aware of your plans and ensure you do not build the Guessing property lines could not only anger neighbors, but could also lead to a 【Get Price】

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Sep 22, 2016 If your neighbor wants a fence and you do not, they can build a fence on their land or even on the property line. If your neighbor builds on the 【Get Price】

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Nov 30, 2017 Before you build a fence, do these things to keep the peace with the neighbors A new fence should add value to your home, not cause disputes with fence is actually 15 feet inside THEIR property line and then you have a 【Get Price】

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We do not get involved with private disputes over property lines. Limit fence height to 6 feet in most cases; you can build a fence anywhere on your property.【Get Price】

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Sep 21, 2014 Have you ever wondered how close you can put something to your property line? Can you build a fence right on the line or do you have to set if 【Get Price】

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Oct 12, 2018 There's the nature of the property lines, local regulations and possibly even requirements from a homeowners association (HOA) that should be 【Get Price】

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Learn more about fencing, neighbors, zoning, land use, ordinances, property ownership, real estate, and other legal issues at FindLaw's section on Property Boundaries. A fence that violates local fencing laws can remain in place under the a one-time excep 【Get Price】

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The exact wording of the deeds should tell you where your property lines are. If they do The limbs hang over the fence you built or break and fall into your yard.【Get Price】

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where your property lines are located, such as putting up a fence, or creating To determine this, you will need a licensed land surveyor, which you can find in was built, then use a variety of tools to measure the exact boundaries of your 【Get Price】

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Mar 22, 2018 If you're planning on building a vinyl fence in Dallas, make sure you know the rules and laws about property lines and how to avoid any 【Get Price】

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Dec 16, 2015 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Trees, Fences, & Neighbors If the trunk straddles a property line, both land owners can claim an ownership . to stop building until you can both determine where the property line is 【Get Price】