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roof deck design guide - ASC Steel Deck

ASC Steel Deck has provided structural steel roof and floor deck . PROFILE SELECTION GUIDE. Deck. Diaphragm. Span (ft). Profile. Shear. 2. 4. 6. 8. 10. 12.【Get Price】

ASC Steel Deck| Structural Steel Roof and Floor Deck - AEP Span

ASC Steel Deck business unit is a leading manufacturer of structural steel roof and floor deck. Our structural steel products have been installed on high profile 【Get Price】

Roof Deck - SMD Ltd

Our extensive range of Structural Roof (SR) deck profiles provide both shallow (up to 100mm) and deep (greater than 100mm) to suit the span requirements of 【Get Price】

Steel Deck

or LS profiles as manufactured by canam and shall be made from steel conforming to . roof deck, spans are taken as the center to center spacing of supports.【Get Price】

RoofDek Structural Roof Deck Solutions Composite Profiles

Steel and Aluminium Roof Deck Profiles by Tata Steel The profiles we offer fall into four categories: Shallow Decks which span up to 4 metres, Deep Decks 【Get Price】

Metal Roofing and Metal Siding by ASC Profiles

ASC Profiles is leading manufacture of metal roofing, siding and structural steel deck since 1971.【Get Price】

SPANDEK® - BlueScope Steel

SPANDEK® is a contemporary-looking, trapezoidal profile which is ideal where a stronger COLORBOND® is pre-painted steel for exterior roofing and walling.【Get Price】

Standard B Roof Deck – B-Dek – Wide Rib – New Millennium

Type B (Wide Rib) roof deck provides the best balance of strength and economy of all the 1 ½″ deep roof decks. Where rigid roofing insulation is used with B 【Get Price】

Metal Deck Oates

The most common roof deck profile is a 1.5” roof deck type “B” (1.5 Data Sheet/Load Span Table · Installation; Wide Rib Roof Deck 【Get Price】

Corrugated Metals Products: B-Deck Roofing and Siding

B-Deck profile is usually used as a roofing product however, it has been supplied for siding and other architectural applications.【Get Price】

PLB or HSB-36 Vercodeck Premier Structural Steel Deck

Type B profiles are 1.5-inch deep structural roof deck that provide both vertical load and Type B profiles are typically used for span conditions of 10 feet or less.【Get Price】

3" Roof Deck Type N Roof Deck Supplier - O'Donnell Metal Deck

3" Type N Roof Deck available in all gauges and finishes. of roofing materials while its deep rib profile allows this roof deck to span further distances between 【Get Price】

Flex-B-Deck - B Deck Profile - Steel Deck, Roof Deck - Flexospan

B Deck Profile - Manufacturer of Steel Decking, Roof Decking and Floor Deck - Type B Deck - B Deck Pricing - LEED Certification Points.【Get Price】

Roofing Profiles Select Metal Roofing

Trimdeck Economical steel wall panel, cladding or short span roofing. Trimdek can be used for domestic and commercial applications as either a roof or walling 【Get Price】

Metal Roofing & Cladding Brochure - System Building Products

SpeedDeck roofing profile . At hip and ridge positions, the profile can be turned up to form an apex The structural deck is used to span the portal frames of.【Get Price】

Vulcraft Roof Catalog/REV2 - Civil, Environmental and Architectural

Steel roof and floor decks have long been .. Only Indiana offers 16 gauge for 1.5B, 3N, and 3NA profiles. 4. No profile . Deck type & gauge — Max. deck span.【Get Price】

"B" is the deck - DACS Roof Deck

Type "B" Acoustical has the same profile as Type "B" roof deck but with perforations Used when span conditions exceed the capabilities of type "N" deck.【Get Price】

Corrugated Stainless Steel Roof Deck & Decking - James River Steel

Roof Deck Decking The 3" depth allows for longer spans not possible with lesser depth profiles. The increased span capability allows the use of a lighter gauge, 【Get Price】

Epicore ® 6'-32' spans - EPIC Metals

The Epicore® product line of roof and floor deck ceiling systems was designed The Epicore dovetail profile offers a hanging feature to accommodate signage, 【Get Price】

Corrugated Metal Roofing Panel N Deck |

The N-Deck Panel is the deepest decking metal roofing panel that we offer with a 3" deep squared off profile that allows for longer spans. The deep 3" profile 【Get Price】

Architectural Roofing-Profiles, Liners & Decks Kingspan MEA

Our profile, internal structural liner deck and tray ranges provide economical solutions for a wide variety of span requirements, Explore our structural liner ranges 【Get Price】

Architectural Metal Wall and Roofing Panels

AEP Span offers a portfolio of quality metal roof and wall profiles which have been tested by an accredited third-party and provides inspiring solutions architects 【Get Price】

1.5” 'B' Wide Rib Roof Deck - Cordeck

large inventory of gauges and profiles. Cordeck's All steel to be used in Cordeck Type 'B' Wide Rib Roof Deck . 1.5” Type 'B' Roof Deck FM Allowable Spans.【Get Price】

Topdek® 700 Roofing Stratco

Innovative, stylish and strong Topdek 700® is an exceptional cladding profile Although the clips join the roof deck to the purlins, they still allow for It is important that screws have the same life expectancy as the cladding you have specified.【Get Price】

Metal Deck Systems - Roof Deck - 1.5" B Wide Rib Roof Deck

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