“Fractured But Whole” are the latest South Park video from Comedy Central. You know, the one with Kevin Clash. This new video follows on from the last seasons where they took us on a journey through south Krustow and threw a few curve balls at Cartman. In this season they’ve gone even further. Now we have an entire town under attack. The poppers have kidnapped Mayor Boykin and put him on a cruise ship to be sold into slavery.

south park fractured but whole dlc

So naturally, the townspeople have no idea where they are going. They have no idea which direction they should go. Enter Stan, Craig, Andy and Butch. Together they must find out the truth while facing some dangerous challenges along the way. It’s a well-written, hilarious show that makes up for any and all cancelled South Park episodes.

If you enjoy watching the original seasons of South Park you will love this movie. The acting is quite good and the storyline is original. However, if you grew up watching the show and it’s become somewhat dark, then this might not be the movie for you. My recommendation is that if you haven’t seen the show, try it. It’s worth a watch.

south park fractured but whole dlc

If you’ve seen the show, you’ll love this movie. The storyline is very similar to the last seasons. Even if you don’t like Cartman, there’s something for you here. With a whole town under attack, Cartman sets out to help the boys there. But this time, he doesn’t have a single clue where they are going or what they’re going to do next.

Playing the role of Butch is Randy Barris, who you may remember from his appearances on The Suite Life. This time he plays Mike, a boy that is in need of much more attention than he’s currently getting. His mother has taken him away from home to work full time with his older brother, Brodie. Butch is snapped by his lack of attention and won’t go on his own. He plans to change that by joining a football team, but even with his natural skills, he cannot make the team.

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Eric Cartman is the voice of the show. Most people know him as “Butch” from the TV show, but this is an actual role. He plays Stan, the football coach, and is just hilarious every time he says a stupid thing. The other players are mostly decent, but they do overact a little. But Cartman is, well, Cartman.

The main story line of the movie revolves around Butch’s struggle to keep Stan and his team together, while also dealing with his own personal problems. Throughout the movie, we learn more about Butch and his family. The mom is a drug addict and is addicted to cocaine, which is used regularly in the home. Other players include Brodie, a boy who finds love with Butch’s mom, and Randy, Butch’s best friend and lacrosse partner.

south park fractured but whole danger deck

Overall, South Park Fractured But Whole are a fun movie with great animation and great humor. You will laugh when Butch gets his head stuck in the toilet, you’ll cry when his mom gets killed, and you’ll get a big belly laugh when Butch gets his brain destroyed by a pigeon. It’s one of those movies that you wish you had a copy of when you were a kid. I highly recommend it. If you have an open mind and a good sense of humor, then this is a movie for you!

One thing that makes South Park Fractured But Whole different from other animated films is the amount of crude and adult humor in the movie. The writers know there are kids out there who aren’t going to be offended by very many scenes involving Butch and Co. So they include some adult and crude humor to make it more palatable for an adult audience. In fact, one of the more hilarious scenes involves Butch telling Stan and Kyle that they should “kill all the Nazis” if they win the game against Cartman. Oh, boy…

south park the fractured but whole danger deck

Overall, this movie is a huge success. It manages to combine all of the best things that an animated comedy should be about: great animation, great storyline, and great characters. It just has that one great scene that really make the movie, and the show come to life. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it right now. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Besides, who says you have to watch a black and white film to enjoy a black and white movie?

south park the fractured but whole danger deck

South Park Fractured But Whole are definitely a must-see movie. If you love watching the show, and you are familiar with the history of the show (i.e., lots of politics), then this movie will probably be right up your alley. And if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. Because what you’ll find is a fast paced, extremely humorous film that’s sure to make you green with envy. Plus, there is a great score to go along with it as well, which only makes it that much better. This movie is loaded with quality entertainment, and it is available in HD as well.