The Perfect Kitchen Servery Windows- Gas Strut Servery Windows.

Gas strut Windows provide a very unique and functional choice for kitchen  Windows or places that require max. access. The unique designs open them to 90 degrees allowing the cool air of Summer easily. When closed they provide uninterrupted views which behave like an image frame of the outdoors.


The gas strut windows can be made with the window sill providing waterproofing or with no sill in secured areas. The gas strut servery windows design permits it to sit on the bench without the requirement to cut holes into the bench when the locking system locks into the side. They are not only great for kitchens but also for bathrooms and living or bedrooms where you require an uninterrupted view.

 All of the windows are professionally fitted with stainless steel gas struts. They are set to the perfect pressure depending on the size and weight of each window to provide an easy, effortless operation. To open all you require to do is to give a slight push to the window and the gas Struts takeover and open it to 90°.

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To close, you may go to the outside and pull the window down. This may be done through the colored pull handle. Some people may alternatively select to use a pole from inside that attaches to the optional ring pull handle.

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 Worried about mosquitoes and flies? You need not worry as this window can be fitted with a retractable flyscreen that mounts along the top of the window and is pulled down. Also when opened, the screen rolls up into a cassette to hide away from sight, offering a clean, contemporary look. All the gas strut Windows are customized to your specific requirements.


  •     Ideal kitchen servery window offering full 90-degree opening.
  •     The window is either completely opened or closed.
  •     Maximizes natural flow of air with wide openings
  •     Available in 100 mm frame of aluminium
  •     Available with a sill or no sill.
  •     Effortless smooth opening by high-performance stainless steel Hinges and struts.
  •     Self-latching locking system without the requirement for holes in the frame or cut in your bench.
  •     Coloured Pull handles available in Black, white, or silver.
  •     Optional ring pull handle that may be pulled close by a pole.
  •     Able to screen utilize a retractable fly screen to the inner side.
  •     Gas Strut Windows maybe packaged for Transport across Australia.
  •     There is one year warranty on the moving parts
  •     There is a 6-year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials


 Gas strut window is a recent advancement in the technology of aluminium windows. It is perfect to be utilized as a servery window. It functions similarly to a  traditional old servery window in which it is joint at the above and out pushes, but there is a lot more.

So the gas strut servery window offers a unique option for the servery Window. Unlike other Windows on the opening, the panel has the outside frame only, with no vertical cross members, this maximizes the view when it is in the open position.

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