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what is up it’s kimberly here with tv

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super excited but also super nervous

about today’s video

because today we are going to be trying


navage nasal care review

um so i’m going to squirt this up my

nose but before we get started with all


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without further ado let’s get started


first things first let’s open up the

product and see what it looks like

it says on here that this is the world’s

only nose cleaner with powered suction

this kind of reminds me of a nutty pot i

don’t know

if y’all know what that is i actually

suffer from severe allergies

and i do find i get a lot of relief with

the neti pot the

little kettle thing that you stick up

your nose and you tilt your head and

it comes out the other side that does

help me so i feel like this is going to


more intense if it is more intense i’m

really nervous

but i’m also hopeful that it will work

even better than a neti pot

i actually saw a commercial for this

this morning

and i was thinking oh my gosh what am i

getting myself

into so it comes with a little

coupon here for a free

countertop caddy for your little

nasal irrigation system so it says

getting started is super easy we’ve

installed the battery so all you have to

do is one

attach the nasal dock to the device

to fill the upper tank with water to the

fill line

three place a new unused salt pod

capsule in the crushing chamber

foil side down and four close the lid

firmly until you hear it click shut

do not reopen so i really

like the way they displayed the

instructions because it’s the first

thing you see before you even open

up the product and it’s really clear

so i give um nevaeh

a two thumbs up on that one okay

oh they gave me a surprise tin

free salt pods i don’t know how many

salt pods come with it without the free


but they give you 10 free ones okay so

here’s more

wow they hook it up so here’s 10

20. i’m assuming these are tin

so there’s the salt pods

here is the actual system itself

and you can see the fill line

so here it is it’s really nice it’s

really um

it’s made out of plastic but it’s high


it’s definitely higher quality than the

neti pot that i would buy at walgreens

or something like that

um i’m impressed okay

what else is there

and lastly here is

i think this is the top

so here we go there’s that and then

there’s this

thing i’m kind of confused with what

this is and i’m also nervous that i have

to stick it up my nose

okay so this is actually not for your

nose i’m a little bit relieved

this is to clean the irrigation system

and to do deep cleaning

so that way you know there’s no bacteria

left behind

so i won’t be needing this um for

actually using the product

so there are quite a few steps

um but it seems like you have to fill it

with water

place a salt pot in close the lid firmly

gently shake the device and

locate the two stage power button

i feel like these instructions make it a

little bit

more complex than it really is so we’re

gonna go ahead

go into the bathroom and i’m gonna try

to do it step by step

okay so like i said the instructions

were kind of complicated but we’re gonna

figure this out guys

so step number one is to fill the upper

tank to the fill line with

warm water um here is the

fill line so i’m assuming

here’s where we do it okay

now it says place a new unused salt pod

capsule in the crushing chamber

oil side down

so here we go

i’m horrible at instructions it says

foil side down

okay so there we go

and we have to attach this

thing right here um

that will go up my nostrils here

so there we go and we firmly

put this down and this is really

important because apparently this will

significantly affect the way the water

goes up your nose

so firmly get that down

okay so now it says locate the two stage

power button see

exploded view on page eight when you

push the button in halfway

you will hear the motor and the pump

will start you can actually feel the


by uh covering both nose pillows

with your fingertips while pressing the

button in

half way you will feel light suction

from only one of the pillows

remember the rinse gets pulled in

through the pillow and it exits through

the other

firmly push the button in all the way

and the drain valve will open

allowing the rinse to flow out of the

other nose pillow

be sure to do this over a sink

that was one step of the instruction

okay so here’s a two

stage power button so let’s go ahead and

press that

okay so now we’re gonna firmly push the

button in all the way

there we go so it’s operating

it’s ready to go into my

nose pretty soon i was kind of confused

with why the water

was just going out but i read you know

as i read that really long

step that it’s because one of it

suctions out the water while the other


puts in the water if i’m understanding

this correctly

okay did y’all get that you all

understood that

okay there’s 14

steps in this instruction this is not a


so what i do really like about this


without even having used it yet is the

fact that there

is a tank right here to catch it

because when it’s a neti pot for example

you have to make sure you’re over a sink

it can get really uncomfortable

messy this has a tank right here so

catch all your grossness definitely

clean that out really well

afterwards but let’s go ahead try this

thing out

see if it is worth the hype all of the

commercials i’ve been seeing

let’s get into the bathtub just in case

we make a mess

and let’s get it started

okay this is a very uncomfortable

product to review in public

but we’re gonna do it so

all right my heart is racing okay

so i have it in my nostrils

okay ready three two one


okay i did not do something right

because it definitely went down my


but okay i think i need to relax that’s

the thing



so i think i’m doing something wrong

because it’s going down my throat quite

a bit

um i’m gonna go back read

the tips for when it what i do when it

goes down my throat

i don’t know if i if i need to relax


or if i need to tell tilt my head

differently it’s probably that i have to

tilt my head differently

um but because again the instructions

were so wordy it’s

hard to remember everything literally

troubleshooting number one it’s not just

me guys it says

i’m getting water down my throat okay

it says the key to success is making

your nasal cavity into a closed

system separate from the oral cavity

really so it’s saying remember like the

first bullet point is to relax

no one has ever drowned doing nasal


i guess that’s something people are

scared of like the drowning feeling

the nose pillow should be in snug but

not too snug

less pressure usually results in more

flow breathe

normally through your mouth okay that’s

good to know because i wasn’t sure

exactly how to breathe

um press your tongue firmly against the

roof of your mouth

and sing flash say snug holding the neg

sound um okay reverse the direction of


okay again if you’re in that small group

for whom there’s a learning curve it’s a

small group

i’m in that small group y’all okay

so let’s go ahead

try this again

i really believe in this product so i

want it to work

come on i’m believing in you

it’s still going

down my throat

try number three let’s get started



[Applause] [Music]

okay that time it worked

okay so i did get a feel for it better i

definitely still have the

water down my throat problem but not as

much as

the first two times let me go ahead wipe

my face and talk to y’all

guys so i definitely have that ear

thing happening right now um it feels

like i’m

in an airplane or something like that

but i know it will go away because

it is something that

i don’t know but i know go away um and

if it doesn’t i’ll let y’all

know in the video somewhere

but yeah i think with

more practice this is a really

good solution um it’s really

strong it is very very strong so if you

really have

allergies um maybe this is a good

solution i think it’s worth the shot

um i think that i should give it a whole

second chance soon i’m not gonna do it

right now

because my ears are blocked and

yeah um i need some time to you know

let my system readjust and give it a


shot but i think that if you can

get this down i think it’s worth a try

um it was a little difficult for me

personally to use

but that third time i was trying it i

felt the relief

i felt the stuff the allergy stuff

it is springtime so my allergies are

especially high and

this is probably tmi but when you buy a

product you gotta know these things

i can literally i’m not gonna show y’all

don’t worry

but i can see the mucus in here like i

can see it

so that’s good it did get things out the

film whatever it’s called

um so that’s good but i think that

this is something that might take

practice with as it says in here for a

small group of people i’m a part of that

small group of people

so it will take more practice for me i’m

definitely going to try it again i have

like 30 more shots with this thing i


30 pause so i’m gonna try it again


in a few days or something like that

when my whole system readjusts

and over the little traumatizing

experience so that

kind of does feel a little like you’re


but not completely um i hope you guys

enjoyed this video overall i would rate


a i’m going to say a 7 out of 10 because

i really

do see the potential of this product but

for me

i just was not very good at using it and

i think with more practice

i think this could be the nebby pot for


um i hope you all really enjoyed this


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looney tunes doing this in camera in the

bathtub and y’all seeing everything come

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