A relocation company, full or self-service moving van, movers or cabinet line is a business which assists people and companies relocate their products from one location to the other. It provides all-inclusive services like packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, arranging, etc., for relocating goods. Relocation companies are also known as full-service movers, cabinet removals, self-service moving companies or moving services.

They help to transfer personal belongings from one location to another. Relocation companies are generally hired by individuals and businesses to pack their belongings, load them in vans or moving boxes to new locations and transport them to their final destination. To ensure safe, timely and economical movement, it is recommended to hire a reliable moving company. Hiring movers not only make the moving experience safer but also faster.

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Moving companies make use of advanced tools and technologies like video imaging system, video surveillance equipment, and GPS tracking devices to transport your belongings securely. As far as their rates are concerned, the charges depend upon the size and weight of your belongings, the distance of the relocation location, the mode of transport, etc. So, you should discuss the details with your moving company to know about their moving rates before hiring them.

There are various aspects to consider while planning for movers. Among them, some important questions are – how long will it take to complete the move, what are the specific points we should keep in mind while shifting, what kind of insurance coverage do we need to get, how much will the moving cost be etc. If we keep in mind these points collectively, it will make us aware of various factors which will help us to estimate the total moving cost.

These factors include- Average time taken per square foot by the movers, distance of the location to be relocated, type of furniture or goods to be moved, the average weight of each piece etc.

Following are some factors which can help us to estimate the moving cost:

Time taken to move:

The moving company will charge you according to the length of the distance moved and the time required to pack and load everything. If there is some packing and loading work to be done by the movers, it will increase the moving cost. For unpacking however, we can rely on reliable moving companies. The only thing we need to do is to give them an allowance for unpacking the goods by our home without any additional cost.

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Cost to pack everything:

This is the most important factor in determining the cost to hire movers. It depends upon the amount of stuff to be packed, whether the packing will be done by self or by the movers, how long will it take to pack and load the things, etc. For long distance moves, it is recommended to hire packing supplies from reliable packing supplies companies.

Additional Charges Per Hour:

This factor also depends upon the nature of the move and on the number of movers who will move. Some movers quote their prices for one and same day move and others for a same day, two-hour or three-hour move depending on the type of move and packing materials employed. But, they quote differently the charges for short, medium and long distance moves.

Additional charges for insurance:

Insurance is important to protect the belongings of the mover as well as the belongings of the customers. In case of damages to the mover’s belongings while in transit, the movers’ insurance takes care of the damage. However, this policy does not cover the mover for the expenses incurred during the move. Again, it is advisable to ask for the moving cost estimates from several movers before hiring movers to avoid confusion.

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You need to check with the local board to know whether the moving truck used by the movers is insured under their insurance plan or not. Moving trucks that are rented for the purpose of storage are usually not insured. Similarly, any business that needs a permit to operate must check for their license beforehand. Finally, the new home owner must decide on various other aspects such as the rate of the movers, services offered, number of employees and the mode of payment to ensure a smooth transfer of everything at the end of the move.