how to decorate the pool area

Summer is not only associated with the beautiful season, the heat and the sea, but also with the word “desire”: to leave behind the melancholy of winter, to leave home to undertake new adventures and visit unknown destinations, to experience the outdoor spaces to regenerate and to regain the connection with nature.

How? For a stay in a summer resort, a hotel with an outdoor pool may be the ideal choice for many people, who, in this way, will be able to combine comfort, surprising experiences and outdoor life in a single alternative. Whether it is a hotel with a pool overlooking the sea, immersed in the tranquility of a mountain cabin, or a sheltered place in the center of an active and frenetic city, it does not matter: the rules for the perfect decoration of a pool are the same. Are you interested in discovering them?

How to decorate the pool: the 5 keywords for the contract sector In itself, the pool, with its reflections of water and its geometric or delicate shapes, lends itself perfectly to create a true oasis of relaxation, becoming the undisputed protagonist. However, to receive guests in the best way and allow them to have an unforgettable experience in outer space, it is also necessary to take into account other details, because the context is as important as the substance : from the ground to the night lighting , the type of environment and atmosphere that we want to create must be evaluated. Therefore, these are the five keywords for the contract sector , to consider when decorating the pool area.

1. Functionality: organize the spaces

The spaces must be tailored to the person who lives them, and consequently, they must be functional, practical and comfortable in accordance with the services we make available, without obviously giving up the touch of personality. In fact, the pool is ideal for those who want to take care of themselves and recharge themselves with energy, and more than anywhere else it offers a wide range of benefits, but also, fun activities. For this reason, if you want to propose to your guests swimming or aquagym courses, healthy initiatives that cannot be missing in the summer offer of establishments with swimming pools, we suggest, first of all, to place rope ropes to create separate areas for different activities in water.

Why not also include scenographic water jets, perfect for relaxing cervical massages? The pool, more than any other space, must be tailored to everyone and satisfy all “wishes”, even those of children: it is important that there are areas designed for them, if possible, with fountains and a small springboard, a lower depth of the water, where to organize activities such as courses of contact with the water , to experience dives and balance games in complete safety.

2. Start at the foundations: the ground

The second keyword is definitely this. Whether it is an inground skimmer or ground-level pool, it is important to place a floor around it that integrates harmoniously with the environment and gives that additional, unique and personal touch. In the case of an inground pool, grass is undoubtedly the most natural choice and creates a great scenic effect, but it does present some peculiarities that must be considered: first, it is necessary to provide for periodic maintenance of the park , which must always be presented perfect conditions; second, it can interfere with pool cleaning where there is a risk of debris from the soil and grass falling. Alternative solutions such as a wide range of ceramics can be chosens, from those made with materials resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents, to anti-shock and anti-slip materials that guarantee greater safety (highly indicated in the case of children), particularly useful for decorating a swimming pool. With the right choice, the floor will create a functional framework and in accordance with the mood of the surrounding environment.

decorate the pool area

3. Safety and cleanliness to swim in complete tranquility

When we talk about the pool, safety and cleanliness are words that we must always keep in mind: in fact, it is necessary to ensure guests a comfortable, flawless and risk-free experience. In addition, it is recommended to fence the area around the pool to prevent access at unauthorized hours.

Finally, for a correct cleaning of the pool, it is necessary to pay attention to some simple precautions: at the end of the day, the bottom can be cleaned using a light and practical pool cleaner , or an efficient robot cleaner ; Every two days, the water should be checked and, to keep it clean, use specific chemical agents.

Cleaning suggestions vary depending on the pool, for example skimmer type or flush with the ground, but in any case, it is an essential and frequent maintenance action that must be practical and discreet. For this reason, it will be advisable to provide an equipped area hidden from the view of the guests, but close enough to allow the person in charge of the maintenance of the pool to intervene quickly and without leaving tools loose. We have already taken care of the most operational (but essential) part, now we can move on to the most creative and fun part, that is, how to decorate our pool!

4. Protection: the importance of shadow areas

It is known that spending time outdoors provides numerous health benefits, but to take full advantage of them it is important to think about protecting our guests. In fact, in any pool that boasts of such, it is necessary to create cool shady areas to protect from the risks of sun exposure and to experience the outdoor space in total safety and comfort. How?

After a careful evaluation of the spaces, we can decide to opt for: a fixed structure , such as an attached pergola , equipped with a lateral closure that creates an independent and protected space (to be used also in winter); Or, for those who need a temporary solution but still have a great impact, we can choose from among theCorradi shade sail models , which have high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays as well as optimum versatility. Among these, why not decorate our pool area inspired by the nautical style with Defense, the most iconic of Sun Sails sails ? Freestanding or attached, itslight, but solid and resistant structure made of stainless steel, advanced technology, Dacron® canvas – a braided polyester of nautical derivation (subjected to a specific UV protection treatment) – the ingenious system of thin tension cables to give it flexibility and adaptation to all requirements , they allow Defense to create well-ventilated shaded areas without sacrificing design and clean and harmonious lines. 

Once pleasant protected areas have been created, it is time to choose the decoration and accessories, always remembering the importance of details and the idea that everything should reflect a sense of welcome and comfort: the advice is to opt for resistant materials wear and atmospheric agents . And if you are wondering how to decorate the pool with colors, light tones are recommended, which do not exhaust the eye and give afeeling of freshness and purity , such as white, sand, beige, but also shades such as light blue and aquamarine .

decorate pool side

5. Create wonders: lighting that enchants

Imagine your guests on a cool summer night, sitting on a sofa, with the noise of the water that delights them, or surrounded by friends and relatives, for a fun happy hour on the edge of the pool: an attentive outdoor lighting will accompany these moments and transform them into beautiful memories. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some fundamental details to know how to decorate a swimming pool: first, there should be no dark corners , especially in the access and passage areas; the lights, in addition, should enhance the entire environment, to make it more welcoming and suggestive, for an atmosphere of “Arabian Nights” and, therefore, they should not be too intense, but discreet and diffuse. Always remember that, if the pool is your setting,the outdoor lighting is the scenery : you can play with luminous spheres, for example, to place on the ground or leave it floating in the water. 

Functionality, flooring, security, protection and lighting: these are the 5 keywords that we must take into account when decorating our pool. And if we want to create an even more protected space full of benefits for our guests, what do you think of a wellness area for hydrotherapy, with a large space also for the outdoor hydromassage ?