When I moved to Houston I had my choice between living in an apartment or living in a condo. It was really hard to decide on which one to do! We ended up in a condominium and I love it! The neighborhood is very nice and the building is always clean. My neighbors are great people who genuinely care about their community.

My sister and I have been to other cities where apartment living seems to be more popular. There are so many of them that I don’t even feel the need to explain what we’re talking about. In a nutshell, in San Diego there is a high-volume of people who move here year round. Crime rates are high and the weather is terrible all the time. So, while my sister and I feel safe and comfortable in our San Diego home, we have both actually experienced a lot of social distancing in Houston.

The name of the area is Houston-lled. It is so weird that my friends call us H-town. Someone suggested we move out of town because it was too “hip.” My sister and I both agreed that moving to Houston would solve our problems with social distancing – and that’s exactly what happened.

good moving company

Moving Companies in Houston provide a full service moving package. They have transportation, packing, unpacking, three-day removal & installation, and insurance. Most movers have San Diego and California base locations. They can ship containers to both locations and have someone waiting to pick it up when it arrives.

My sister and I chose a Chicago moving company. My sister lives in Chicago and the Chicago movers had no problem assisting her with packing and moving. In San Diego, we were represented by an individual with whom we had no relationship. Several people offered suggestions that were less than useful. But overall, my San Diego movers did a great job. We are happy and impressed with the professional work they provided.

We chose to move services that provided documented proof of insurance and a money back guarantee. The moving company should also provide a map of their new destination. Once the movers unpacked, they took everything with them that belonged to us. In San Diego, that meant old suitcases, books, DVD’s, photos, etc. But in Houston, everything was packaged in a moving carton.

move services

The moving companies that chose to participate in our relocation had many restrictions. They had a high-risk group that paid extra for every move. The high-risk group also received priority when it came to paying for the moving expenses. There were three moving companies that participated in our relocation; one company in Houston and two in San Diego. There were only two female moving companies, which were especially helpful.

The moving company in Houston assigned mover drivers who had been in business for over 20 years. Their trucks were immaculate and they were very courteous. The drivers showed our mover and our household assistant (the woman who would be moving us into our new home) how they would keep track of all of our belongings during the move. All in all, our experience was both enjoyable and moving-efficient.

The San Diego moving companies were another matter. The San Diego moving companies assigned moving truck drivers that being “in shape” – no license, no background checks, no anything! They were great guys, however, when it came to answering questions about what we could and couldn’t take with us. Their attitude toward us changed drastically once they saw how fast we moved. Their representative was especially rude and cut down on our time in getting things moved.

San Diego moving companies

The San Diego movers showed us that they were up for the move by loading our things into their moving trucks quickly and by keeping a constant supply of tape, boxes, and tape rolls on hand. However, there was an off-shift job for them; packing – but it wasn’t a lot of help. There were times when we needed extra assistance with packing as well. The San Diego movers didn’t show up when we called to ask what they did.

We were forced to use three San Diego moving companies. I had to pay for two. It certainly didn’t help that the representative from the other company said that he didn’t know what we were talking about and that it was their job to pack our stuff. After the third move, we still had some moving expenses to pay. What lesson were these San Diego movers teaching me? It’s not always the cheapest way to move that makes you happy.