cr2016 vs cr2032 Lithium Batteries – Which is More Long Lasting?

Choosing between CR2016 or CR2032 lithium batteries can be a challenge. Which one is the right choice for your project? In this blog post, we will explore the differences and similarities of these two types of batteries to help you make an informed decision about which battery best suits your needs.

CR2016 lithium batteries have a higher voltage than CR2032, meaning they store more energy in one battery. They are also slightly higher capacity for the same size 

CRCR 2016s last longer per charge and will typically hold their full charge up to five times as long as CRCR 2032s do

cr2016 vs cr2032 lithium batteries

The main difference between CR2016 and CR2032 lithium batteries is size. The CR2016 battery has a diameter of 30mm with an 18-gram weight, while the CRCR 2032 battery has a much smaller 16mm diameter weighing 11 grams.

CR 2016 lithium batteries are typically used in watches and clocks. CR 2032 lithium batteries are typically used in calculators, hearing aids or other devices that require extremely low power consumption but high operating time.

CR 2032 are also ideal for power backup applications such as medical equipment or telecommunications devices. The main reason this battery type isn’t widely used is the price, a single unit costs about $0.75 each, significantly more than the price of a CR2016 battery which ranges from 50 cents to one dollar per unit.

2016 battery vs 2032

CR 2016 vs CR2032 Lithium Batteries – What’s the Difference? 

The most important difference between the two types is that CR 2020s are mercury-free and have a longer shelf life. 

Another difference is that CR 2020s are not susceptible to memory effect and can be charged at any time without damaging the cells, whereas if you put a charge on a CR2032 before it’s fully discharged they may only last for about 600-700 cycles before they need to be replaced.

CR 2016s, on the other hand, are susceptible to memory effect and don’t last as long in devices that require a continuous power supply; for example if your phone is always connected to a charger it’s going to shorten the battery life drastically. They’re also not rechargeable so you’ll have to replace them every so often.

cr2016 3v battery

CR 2032s are rechargeable and have a longer life than CR 2016s but they cost about triple the price of each battery, which could make it prohibitively expensive for some people who rely on these batteries to power their devices. 

This post discusses the difference between two different lithium batteries: CR2016 and CR2032. The first one is a disposable battery with no memory effect, while the second has a longer life but it’s more expensive. 

Reaching for your phone to find that you have only 20% of your power left can be very stressful; you may find yourself scrambling to locate a CR2016 battery that has been misplaced or having to purchase one in order to power your device. 

These batteries can be found for sale everywhere from big box stores, like Target and Walmart, all the way up to grocery stores, such as Whole Foods. You’ll also find them at places where you can buy just about anything, such as convenience stores or gas stations.

cr2016 battery equivalent

CR2016 batteries are much more affordable than CR2032 and they’re often a necessity for those who want to save power on their mobile devices while also saving money in the long-run. 

In contrast, CR2032 have a longer lifespan which means that you’ll need to replace them less often and they’re a little more expensive.

This is where the convenience of CR2016 batteries really shines through; their lifespan is significantly shorter than that of CR2032, which means you’ll need to purchase one much sooner. 

difference between cr2016 and cr2032

Additionally, due to their affordability it’s easier for people who are tight on cash to buy them more often, so they can have a little longer before their device is running low on power.

CR2032 batteries are great for those who want to save money in the long-run and don’t mind replacing their battery every now and then.

After weighing your options carefully you should be able to make an informed decision about which type of battery you’re going to buy.

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