Installing Baseboard Trim is not an easy job to do and may leave you with an aching back. You may also discover that it is cheaper to just hire a Baseboard Contractor, or a General Contractor instead to do the job for you.

how to install baseboards and costing

Most contracting companies or general contractors will always get much better deals on Baseboard Trim than doing it yourself, saving your back all that additional expenses of Baseboard Trim supplies, which is the case even if you decide to go to a contracting company to do the job.

They may charge you more anyway because they do more ‘dirty work’ like emptying out your basement of all the water and mold and mildew, which your system had no defense against in the first place. This extra work comes at a price. A lot of money.

baseboard installation cost

There are two ways to save yourself some cost to install a baseboard in your home. You can pay a bit more for labor. In this case, when you calculate how much it would cost to install the trim yourself, it could be a bit more, but you will find that you get a higher quality product in return.

But that’s not the only way. You can buy a less expensive baseboard, install it yourself and still get the same high quality. That’s less money out your pocket to spend. For instance, if you’re putting in new flooring down in your home and installing a baseboard is one of your main reasons for choosing that particular flooring choice.

labor cost to install baseboard trim

you may want to consider having your installer install it per foot, which is about two and a quarter inch per foot, instead of per board. In general, that’s a lot less than six inches per board, so it will cost you a bit less overall, even if the installation process takes a bit longer.

So if installing new floors is really important to you, consider adding a little bit of installation time to the cost of your total installation price, which can save you a bit of money. If you’re not installing baseboard trim on your own, there is another option.

how to install baseboard trim

Baseboard molding is the more traditional method of installing it, and it’s available in a wide variety of styles. If you’re looking for something that will last, this is definitely the way to go. It doesn’t come with as much individual variation, but you can still find plenty of it.

One thing that makes molding popular as an option to install baseboard is that you don’t have to deal with installing your own framing around your perimeter. This is accomplished with either a jigsaw or a stud finder tool, and you can get the job done quickly.

baseboard installation cost

Even with no framing skills, you can easily do the install with just an hour or so, though you may want to enlist some help with corners and long walls (you may find the sloping roof angle makes this easier than you think). Then you just need to nail all the pieces together at the appropriate slanting angle.

You can get this done on short walls by nailing one side first, then putting the next piece in place. Another option for your molding installation is a new option from Baseboard Heat. This company has new advances in their baseboard heating technology, which will make this product a better choice than ever before.

Installing Baseboard Heating in Your Home

With longer lasting heat exposure, as well as higher temperature stability, you can expect your new system to work great for many years to come. The longer lasting heat exposure will also mean less energy use overall, because you won’t have to put up with the furnace and ventilation as much.

Baseboard heating has recently improved its efficiency by 40 percent. Now you have even more reason to install this system into your home. Of course, if you don’t have time to hire someone else to install the baseboard, there are other options available to you.

cost to install baseboard

One way you may be able to cut down on your installation costs is to do it yourself. There are several videos and other instructions available online that will walk you through the process step-by-step. Depending on your level of expertise, this may work very well for you, as long as you have the proper tools. If not, you may need to invest in them to get the job done correctly.

Baseboard installation may not be as involved as it seems. You don’t need a professional and all you need is a tape measure, some caulking, some screws, and some footings. You don’t even need an electrician or a professional to help you install baseboard heating. The best part is that if you follow the steps correctly, you can do it yourself without having to spend much money at all!