6 Common Sump Pump Problems And What To Do About Them

Why Do Sump Pumps Fail?

Sump pumps are essential for making sure that water does not enter your basement if there is a water in the outside. The problem is that not everyone is informed on how to fix a sump pump when they fail.

One of the most common problems with a sump pump is a partially blocked discharge pipe. It is important to clean this out regularly to avoid problems. If you let it get blocked up with silt and debris then the water won’t flow out of the sump pit as quickly and will back up into your house. That will cause a flood.

6 Common Sump Pumps Fail Problems

How Do Sump Pumps Fail?


1. Overwhelmed Sump Pump

The sump pump is a very important part of your home. Its job is to keep the water that enters your basement or crawl space from pooling on the floor and causing damage. Water enters the sump through a pipe that goes from the ground to the top of the sump.

The water then gets pumped into a pipe that leads outside of your home. You may notice that the pump comes on even when the ground is not wet, or that the pump is running too much.

This can be a sign that it’s time to replace the sump pump. If the pump is working properly, it should only come on when there is a lot of water outside of the pipe. If it is running often, or constantly.

Overwhelmed Sump Pump

2. Sump Pump Appears To Work But No Water In Sump Pit

Sump pumps are used to pump out excess water from your basement during a heavy rainfall or flooding. If your sump pump is not operating properly, you can end up with a water-logged basement, property damage, and potentially a health issue, since the moisture from the flooded basement can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

(You can read more about the dangers of mold in our blog post, “What is Mold & How Do You Get Rid of It?”) So when your sump pump doesn’t work, the first step is to figure out whether the problem is with the pump itself or with the sump pit. A sump pit is the large hole in your basement floor with.

Sump Pump Pit

3. Clogged Sump Pumps Alarms And Switches

Sump pumps are essential to the health and safety of your home, and are monitored by a variety of different sensors. These sensors send an alert to your home’s main controls if something is wrong, and it is important to understand what these different sensors do and what they mean. what the different alarms mean and what you should do about them.

but if they malfunction, you could be in for a lot of trouble. Clogged sump pumps and switches can cause severe problems for your home. If your sump pump can’t function properly, the water won’t drain properly and your basement will flood.

But for many homeowners, they can turn into a nightmare. clogged sump pump problems can occur if you dont take apart your sump pump from time to time and clean the parts, or if you use the pump too much. Alarmingly, it is not uncommon for sump pump problems to occur during the winter when you need them the most.

Clogged Discharge Lines

4. Frozen Or Clogged Discharge Lines

When the weather turns to ice, it’s time to call a plumber. Frozen or clogged discharge lines can cause a sump pump to malfunction, which can lead to water damage in your home. A frozen discharge line is caused when a sump pump is not properly vented. When water freezes inside the discharge line, it expands and will cause it to split open.

If you have a existing sump pump, you know how important it is to keep it running smoothly, and for it to always be ready to handle the next big rainstorm. Over time, though, water damage can build up, and many homeowners eventually find that their sump pump isn’t working as well as it used to. There problem also accur from frozen discharge lines and clogs.

Frozen discharge lines are a common problem that can be solved pretty easily, while clogs can be a little trickier to fix. We have all experienced frozen discharge lines in sump pump; I personally have been there a couple of times. But I never realized how dangerous it can be until I experienced it. If you have frozen discharge lines in sub pump, you need to get an urgent to have it fixed.


Frozen discharge lines in sub pump can cause costly repairs or even expensive replacement. Frozen discharge lines in sump pump can also cause a lot of damage to your home. For example, if the lines get frozen, they can break and flood the basement. – Frozen discharge lines in sub pump can cause low water pressure. – Frozen discharge lines in sump pump can also cause back-up of sewage in the basement.

5. Power Lost To The Sump Pump

Power lost from the water that comes from your external sump pump can be a problem. It gets lost through several ways. One way is through the pipe. Another way is through the electricity that powers your external sump pump. The third way is that the pump may be leaking. so how to prevent that.

Sump Pump Running Non-Stop

6. Sump Pump Running Non-Stop

The reason a sump pump runs continuously without shutting off is that the float switch is not working. The float switch is the most common reason why a sump pump runs non stop. It is a small device that detects when the water level rises above a certain point and activates a switch that turns on the sump pump. If the float switch is defective, the sump pump will run continuously.

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